About the Community

The City of Apple Valley reports recording growth year after year with an affluent residential base providing an ideal market for healthcare providers.


Apple Valley’s total population has increased at a rate of 6.5% from 2010 to 2016, significantly higher than that of greater Dakota County and the State of Minnesota. Growth is expected to continue for the next five years at a faster rate than other top communities in the metro area. Apple Valley provides an attractive payer mix to providers, with higher percentages of younger and more affluent populations with reported higher estimated median home values as well as median household incomes of greater than $90,000 per household.

Numerous retail, recreation, and entertainment options make Apple Valley a vibrant, dynamic community that is extremely attractive for people of all ages. In addition to these present amenities, new development is expected to continue in the Apple Valley and the surrounding area adjacent to the proposed site of the Apple Valley Center for Health & Wellness.

Demographers have classified the US population into 67 segments based on demographic and socioeconomic characteristics that help describe your potential patients, their lifestyle choices, buying preferences, and how they spend their free time. The strategic service area surrounding the site location primarily has the highest concentrations of the following tapestry segments:

• Soccer Moms: This is an affluent, family-oriented market with a country flavor. Residents are partial to new housing away from the bustle of the city but close enough to commute to professional job centers. Life in this suburban wilderness offsets the hectic pace of two working parents with growing children. They favor time-saving devices, like online banking and housekeeping services, and family-oriented pursuits.

• Savvy Suburbanites: These residents are well-educated, well-read, and well-capitalized. Families include empty-nesters and empty-nester wannabes who still have adult children at home. Located in older neighborhoods outside the urban core, their suburban lifestyle includes home remodeling and gardening plus the active pursuit of sports and exercise. They enjoy good food and wine, plus the amenities of the city’s cultural events.

• Home Improvement: Married couple families occupy well over half of these suburban households. Most Home Improvement residences are single-family homes that are owner occupied, with only one-fifth of the households occupied by renters. Education and diversity levels are similar to the US as a whole. These families spend a lot of time on the go and therefore tend to eat out regularly. When at home, weekends are consumed with home improvement and remodeling projects.

Apple Valley Center for Health & Wellness is well positioned in the growing, affluent community of Apple Valley with excellent access to community amenities and referral sources from other clinics in nearby areas.